Registration process

Registration process

Application has to be filled up online at the NATA official website ( or Candidates need to visit the NATA website ( or ) and click on the requisite link ONLINE APPLICATION NATA– 2019 and thereafter he/she will be directed to the actual application form. The form is interactive in nature and the fields required to be filled up are categorized in different sub-sections. The fields super-scribed with * MUST be filled up as they are MANDATORY, otherwise the application will NOT get submitted.

The application form is broadly categorized into three steps: filling of PERSONAL DETAILS; DOCUMENT UPLOADING & FEE PAYMENT.

Candidates need to fill in the first part i.e. PERSONAL DETAILS and will thereafter be directed to DOCUMENT UPLOADING. Once the documents are successfully uploaded, the system enters into the FEE PAYMENT. Finally, the candidate must take a printout of CONFIRMATION PAGE generated upon successful fee payment for their own record. There is no need to send any document by post to Council of Architecture.

***NOTE: For more accurate & latest information kindly visit Council of Architecture official website .

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