Diploma Certificate (1 Year)

Diploma Certificate (1 Year)

Diploma course is a fundamental essential course that develops an instinct in Interior design. It covers rigorous residential designing as well as basic commercial furniture. It conceptualizes the standards and enhances the practical designing.

Art of Drafting skill: Lines, Scales, Orthographic Projection, oblique view Isometric View, Axonometric View, one & two point Perspective View

Art & Graphics – I: Rendering & Sketching, Color Wheel, Tints, Shades and Tones, color schemes, surface development, Spectrum, Color Psychology, sketches, Composition, Elements of design, Principles of Design, window treatments & lights.

Building Construction -I: Foundation, Super structure, Arches and lintels, Brick Bonds, Doors, windows in basic, basic knowledge of Staircase ,False Ceiling

Art of Furniture Design – I: Anthropometry & Ergonomics, Standards of Furniture Joinery, Rooms Furniture, Paneling, Partition, Theme based Furniture

History- I: Dravidian, Egyptian, Greek, Japanese architecture

Material – I: Timber, glass, paints, varnishes,wallpaper, laminates, tiles

Art of Studio Design & Model making – I: Two Residential Project with cad drawing of Electric elevation, plan, exterior elevation

Estimation: Code of Ethics, Estimate & its types, Estimate of a small Furniture & Full Room, specification, Types of Fees, Rate analysis

Market survey: Wood, Glass, tapestry, Flooring and Ceiling, Paints

Practical exposure Workshops: Sculpture through metal scrap, Lamp shades, Glass etching, P.O.P mural.

Guest lectures Site Visits : Construction, Furniture shops, Bedroom Case study, Material Knowledge, Visit to Modular Kitchen showroom, Tapestry showroom Visit, sanitary showroom Visit (Jaguar)

Software: CAD 2D

Special Highlight: Participation -Intearc & B.A.S.E Competition

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